Rod and LaLonni Nelson have been small business owners/entrepreneurs since 1991. At the present time they own two companies, Nelson Brothers, Inc and Larone Solutions, LLC.

Larone Solutions, LLC is our company that specializes in Innovative Products for Home and Business, and recently was awarded a US Patent on the Area Programmable Sprinkler.

We started designing products that would help the everyday person in areas that were a concern to us. Little did we know, the response was incredible!!

We manufacture the E-Z Parking Pad right here in Spokane Valley, WA and are planning on licensing or selling the Intellectual Property for the (APS)  Area Programmable Sprinkler.

The E-Z Parking Pad is a heavy duty garage pad that keeps melting snow and ice, mud, slush, road salts and other debris off your garage floor, with e-z set up, e-z cleaning and e-z storage!

The Area Programmable Sprinkler is the newest Water Technology Product for irrigation and everyone from residential to commercial usage will benefit and participate in our fight to save water! The following patents have been awarded: U.S. Patent -#8,302,882 as of 11-6-2012, U.S. Patent -#9,179,612 as of 11-10-15, European Patent -#2595471 as of 11-19-14, Australian Patent -#2011280214 as of 12-10-15. We also have filed a Fourth U.S. CIP and a Patent in Canada.

Please take a look at our products and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us, we’d love to hear from you!!

Rod and LaLonni Nelson
Colbert, WA