Stop Mother Nature from Entering Your Garage with Our Effective E-Z Parking Pad

ez-parking-padE-Z Parking Pad, snow containmentWouldn’t you love to be able to keep snow, slush, debris, and mud off your garage floor, out of your house, and out of your vehicle? Protect your garage floor with a high-quality E-Z Parking Pad™ from our company, Larone Solutions, LLC in Spokane Valley, Washington. E-Z Parking Pad™ is a heavy-duty, rugged, high-quality garage floor containment pad that’s locally owned and manufactured. It’s perfect for homeowners who are looking to keep their garage, car, and house free from the outside elements. Our new business is dedicated to a clean living environment for you, and so we provide our E-Z Parking Pad™ to you at an affordable cost! Contact us today to place your order for your E-Z Parking Pad™.

Patent Pending / Made in USA

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